Overseas School Health Nurses Association



What Are The Benefits Of Being An OSHNA Member?

    • Reduced registration fees at an annual conference
    • OSHNA newsletter and website
    • Training, evidence based nursing practice and legislative information
    • Networking and leadership opportunities
    • Continuing Nurse Education credits
    • School Nurse of the Year for OSHNA/NASN recognition for qualifying candidates
    • NASN Unified Affiliate Membership benefits (membership fees for NASN include OSHNA membership).

    OSHNA has agreed that members of the organization must belong to both OSHNA and the National Association of School Nurses, Inc. (NASN). Membership dues are collected and managed at NASN national headquarters. See OSHNA Membership Information or visit NASN online now to become a member of OSHNA and NASN. Select "OSHNA" as the Membership Affiliation/Chapter when joining.

Membership categories include:

    Active membership in the Association shall be open to any registered, professional nurse employed overseas as a school nurse. Upon payment of annual dues active members are entitled to full membership privileges.

    Associate membership shall be open to any others with a vested interest in school health. Upon payment of dues, associate members are entitled to all privileges except voting and holding office.

    Retired membership shall be any school nurse who is an OSHNA member and upon retirement shall be eligible to become a retired member upon notification of the Board of Directors. Retired members retain all privileges, except voting and holding office.

    Member-at-large shall be persons who hold a special interest in or who are working with OSHNA and who do not fit any other membership classification. Members-at-large have all privileges except those of voting, holding office, and serving on a committee.

    After joining or renewing membership with NASN/OSHNA you will receive a letter and membership card in the mail at the address you used to join/renew.� The letter you receive and the membership card should note that you are a member of both NASN and OSHNA with dual signature areas at the bottom.

    *Click here for instructions on how to check your membership status.